Neighborhood Clean Heating & Cooling Project

Is your home heated with oil?  Are your neighbors heating with oil? Is your heating system aging and in need of replacement?  Are you curious  about upgrading  your home’s heating system to a more environmentally friendly, efficient, and cleaner heat pump system? Then you and your neighbors may be candidates for the Clean Heating and Cooling Project, which aims to make it easier and more affordable to switch to cold-climate heat pump systems. The Town, together with Abode Energy Management and Energize Acton, is seeking neighborhood candidates for this exciting pilot. 

When enough households in your neighborhood sign up to participate, Abode will schedule a “Contractors Day.” On that day, 2-3 Abode-vetted HVAC contractors will be invited to the neighborhood and each of the interested households will receive a visit and a proposal from each contractor to upgrade to heat pumps. The contractors will share all  proposals with Abode to  help homeowners compare estimates. Trained volunteer energy coaches from the community will also be available to help residents understand their options throughout the process. 

Please reach out to if you think your neighborhood is a good candidate. 

To learn about the FREE clean energy coaching program and the FREE consultations with Abode Energy visit: 

To learn about Energize Acton visit:

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