Online Permit Applications and Payments 

The Acton Planning Division is now accepting all applications and payments online including sign permits, Special Permits, Site Plan, Subdivision, ANR, and Scenic Roads. 



Signs are a necessary means of communicating information. Generally, signs are intended to be highly visible. They attract attention and are one of the most visible and apparent aspects of a town's character. They tend to produce a lasting impression on residents and visitors and they provide an indication of the commercial health of a business area and a town as a whole. Simplicity in design and restrained use of signs are necessary to prevent a sign overload which creates clutter and is as confusing as no signs at all.

The Acton Planning Division is here to help! If you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your sign options and ideas prior to submitting your application, please email

The Acton Zoning Bylaw - Section 7. Signs and Advertising Devices regulates the types of allowed signage depending on the location of the business or organization.

See the Acton Sign Guide for a pictorial summary of Section 7 of the Town's Zoning Bylaw.