Building Applications

Building permit applications are now online! Please review the Zoning Bylaw for relevant zoning regulations, including setback requirements. Click here to begin a building permit application. 

Signs and Sign Applications

Signs are a necessary means of communicating information. Generally, signs are intended to be highly visible. They attract attention and are one of the most visible and apparent aspects of a town's character. They tend to produce a lasting impression on residents and visitors and they provide an indication of the commercial health of a business area and a town as a whole. Simplicity in design and restrained use of signs are necessary to prevent a sign overload which creates clutter and is as confusing as no signs at all.

Zoning Bylaw - Section 7. Signs and Advertising Devices

Sign Application

Special Event Temporary Sign Permit

See the Acton Sign Guide for a pictorial summary of Section 7 of the Town's Zoning Bylaw