Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the Police Department’s largest division and considered the backbone of the police department. It is the most visible element of our agency as it is comprised of readily identifiable police vehicles driven by uniformed police officers. The patrol division is often the first line of contact between the Acton Police Department and the community. It consists of 19 Patrol Officers, 4 Sergeants and 1 Lieutenant. Patrol Officers are responsible for providing immediate response and preventative patrols in Acton for the 105 miles of roadway and approximately 20.3 square miles serving an estimated population of 22,000.

The primary function of the Patrol Division is to provide uniformed response to calls for service. The Patrol Division responds to over 18,000 calls for service annually.

The most prevalent incidents include, but not limited to, responding to traffic collisions, domestic disturbances, breaking and entering, alarms and crimes in progress.

The Patrol Division’s secondary responsibility consists of patrolling the community to deter crime while also enforcing the criminal and motor vehicle laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and local town bylaws. The Patrol Division’s visibility is crucial as a deterrent to crimes against the residents of Acton. The officers assigned to the Patrol Division remain committed to providing the safest environment possible for motorists and pedestrians in the Town of Acton.

All marked police vehicles have been equipped with Automated External Defibrillators (AED), and all patrol officers have been trained in their deployment. These devices have proven to be an early and vital step in improving survival after sudden cardiac events.