The Conservation team provides Acton with leadership in managing and protecting their diverse natural resources. Special attention is given to ensure conservation and protection of all wetlands resource areas and other significant ecosystems, while providing an education opportunity for residents to enjoy Acton's diverse natural landscape. 

Department duties include:

  • Oversight of more than 1,800 acres of conservation land
  • Working with the Acton Land Stewardship Committee to maintain hiking trails on diverse properties
  • Enforcing the Wetlands Protection Act through inspections, public hearings, and review of building permits
  • Working closely with the Acton Conservation Commission
  • Conducting natural history community education, and teaching environmental classes at all levels of the Acton-Boxborough School system
  • Planning, developing, and maintaining the Acton Arboretum, and working with the  Friends of the Acton Arboretum.


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