Can I operate and run a business out of my home?

Home occupations are accessory uses which are allowed in all zoning districts on the same lot as the principal use (the residence). A home occupation, other than retail sales, which is conducted entirely within the dwelling or an accessory building by a resident, and employing no persons other than the residents, is allowed. Within the Village Residential District in West Acton, the portion of the dwelling unit or accessory building utilized for a home occupation is limited to 500 square feet of net floor area. The Board of Appeals may authorize by special permit a home occupation which conducts retail sales, or employs non-residents, provided that no more than two such non-resident employees shall be present on the premises at any one time. For more information or to learn in which zoning district a property is located, please contact the Planning Department at (978) 929-6631.

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1. Can I operate and run a business out of my home?
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