The Board of Selectmen met last evening and there are these updates to report.

1. Town Manager John Mangiaratti reported 80 new Covid cases in Acton since December 1. 65 residents are currently in isolation. Since March we have had 423 confirmed cases in town. Please wear face masks, social distance and avoid unnecessary risks.

2. The Board voted unanimously to reduce restaurant liquor license fees by 25% for calendar year 2021. The fees--$5,000 for restaurants serving all alcoholic beverage and $2,000 for beer and wine only—will be reduced 25%. Normally payable in advance of the new calendar year, the license fees will be payable on January 30 and May 30 with the fee reduction applied in-full to the January 30 payment.

3. The Board held its annual Tax Classification hearing for FY21 and unanimously voted a uniform tax rate for residential, commercial, industrial and personal properties. The uniform tax rate has been the practice for many years.

4. John Mangiaratti and Public Works Director Corey York presented a Capital Projects Update beginning with the Development of a 10 Year Capital Improvement Plan. The development of the plan is funded with a $25,000 grant received from the Commonwealth Community Compact program and with the assistance of the Collins Center at U/Mass-Boston. To date the Town Manager has received 123 project requests totaling $68M across all funding sources submitted for FY22-FY31. The capital projects fall into the areas of Public Facilities (North Acton Fire Station, DPW Facility/Transfer Station, Maple Street Building and Asa Parlin House); Complete Streets and Traffic Calming (Bicycle Accommodations, RSAs and Quiet Zones); Intersections (Main Street at Acton Center, Main Street at Prospect Street and Main Street at Hayward Road); and Other Projects (River Street Park, NARA Sports Pavilion, Jones Playground Renovation, Gardner Field Project and Acton Pump Track).

5. In response to a recent Open Meeting Law complaint, the distribution of the “BoS-Updates” will be slightly altered. Simultaneous with the e-mailing to recipients on the Town’s “All Boards and Committees” e-mail shell the “Updates” will be available to the entire Acton community as part of the Town Manager’s Weekly Covid “Updates” posted on the Town website. Members of the community who receive the BoS-Updates may continue to forward the Updates to their e-mailing lists without interruption or restriction. By making the BoS-Updates simultaneously available to the public will avoid the allegation that a BoS member is voicing an opinion in a non-public forum.

The Board will meet next, remotely, on Monday, December 21 at 7PM.

Best of the Season. Stay and well.

Jon Benson

A message from the Town of Acton, Massachusetts.
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