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Climate Action Plan Updates

Climate Action Plan Updates

Sep 07

Climate Action Planning continues!

Posted on September 7, 2021 at 10:24 AM by Andrea Becerra

The Town of Acton Climate Action Planning continues!

Last week, we held our first Advisory Group meeting. We had over 20 participants, including a mix of Town staff, residents, and businesses who provided feedback on our draft goals to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in our buildings & energy, mobility, and through nature-based solutions.

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Aug 17

Climate Action Planning: Recap and Upcoming

Posted on August 17, 2021 at 7:24 PM by Andrea Becerra

The Climate Action Planning process continues in full swing. We completed our first round of thematic workshops on Buildings & Energy, Nature-based Solutions, and Mobility and received great input from the community. We look forward to continuing the process in the coming months. If you did not get a chance to participate in the first round, you can still participate in September!

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Jul 29

Next week: Thematic Workshops

Posted on July 29, 2021 at 4:08 PM by Andrea Becerra

Interested in adding your voice to the Climate Action Plan? There are many ways to be involved!

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