Outdoor Lighting

When outdoor lighting is not properly shielded and calibrated, excess light can spill over property lines, cause glare for surrounding residents and nearby drivers, and produce unnecessary glow in the night sky. Acton aims to limit light pollution, light glare, and light trespass with existing commercial outdoor lighting in Town. The zoning bylaw’s outdoor lighting regulations apply to all commercial properties, including expansions and replacements of outdoor lighting installations.

The challenges of installing outdoor lighting, including change overs from Halogen to LED are: cost, time, and knowledge. For instance, Acton requires that all LED’s have a color rating of 3000K or less. Before installing any new lighting features, or changing over to LED luminaires, please review Section 10.6 (Outdoor Lighting Regulation) of the zoning bylaw or contact the Acton Planning Division.

The purposes of this section of the Outdoor Lighting Bylaws are:

* to prevent light pollution;
* to prevent disturbing wildlife;
* to regulate the design of outdoor lighting installations;
* to control glare;
* to control light trespass;
* to regulate the hours during by which outdoor lights may be turned on;
* to regulate the total light power used on a site;
* to promote the safety and welfare of residents, businesses and visitors.

Zoning Bylaws

Outdoor Lighting Requirements (LED)