Bid Title: Request for Interest (RFI) for the Acquisition and Redevelopment of the 348-364 Main Street Property
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Request for Interest (RFI) for the Acquisition and Redevelopment of the 348-364 Main Street Property

Issued:  October 3, 2018
Proposals Due: November 2, 2018 @ 4pm
Pre-submission site meeting:  October 15 @ 3pm or Thursday, October 18 @ 9am (registration required)

Executive Summary

Through this Request for Interest (RFI), the 348-364 Main Street Master Planning Committee, on behalf of the Town of Acton, is seeking statements of interest from qualified development teams to purchase and redevelop the 348-364 Main Street property.

The focus of this solicitation is on statements of interest and associated development concepts, the qualifications of the development team, and approach to investigating with the town a financially feasible redevelopment.

Those interested in submitting a statement of interest in response to the RFI should, at a minimum, address the Submittal Requirements outlined on page 10 of this RFI.

Responses are due at the Town Manager’s office no later than the day at time listed on the cover sheet and addressed to:

John Mangiaratti
Town Manager
472 Main Street
Acton, MA 01720

Property Summary

  1. Street Address: 348-364 Main Street, Acton, Massachusetts 01720
  2. Assessor Tax Map: Shown on Acton Assessor Parcel Map as F3-61, F3-61-1, F3-54, F3-32, and F3-33 (shown on the map on page 5 of this RFI; more details available through Acton online GIS Map Viewer).
  3. Parcel Size: Five parcels of land, comprising 4.67 acres, more or less, with approximately 776 feet of frontage along Main Street (Route 27).
  4. Existing Structures and Uses: There are two main structures on the site: a 1,350 sf wood frame retail structure built in 1950, and a 1.5-story wood frame office structure built in 1940 and containing 1,428 sf of finished area. In addition there are 5 small storage sheds on site.
  5. Zoning: The parcels are located within the R-2 (Residence 2) Zoning District.
  6. Historic Designation:  The property is not listed on the Acton Cultural Resource List or in the Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System.
  7. Wetlands: There are no wetlands on the subject property, but the 100-foot buffer zone to off-site wetlands exists along the western and southern portions of the property.
  8. Flood Zone: There is not any designated flood zone on the property, per FEMA Panel #250 17C 352F dated July 7, 2014.
  9. Utilities: The site has public water and access to electricity and natural gas. There is no public sewer available in the area. The condition of the on-site septic system is unknown. The most recent Title V inspection on file is from 1997, at which time the system passed inspection.
  10. Transportation and Access: The site is located on Route 27 and immediately across the street from the Route 2/Route 27 interchange. The site is approximately 4.3 miles from Route 495 (Exit 29). Mass Highway reports a daily traffic count in front of the subject property of approximately 20,000 vehicles per day. This is one of Acton’s busiest streets other than Route 2.
  11. Building Condition:  The condition of the improvements on the site is fair to average.
  12. Environmental Concerns: None known.
  13.   Ownership: The 348-364 Main Street properties were acquired by the Town on January 29, 2016.
  14. Easements: The 1.04 acre 352 Main Street property is subject to the Isaac Davis Way right-of-way. The total area of this easement is 2,945 sf. No permanent structures can be built on this easement area. The first 90 feet of frontage of the 348 Main Street parcel, in from Route 2, is subject to a “no access” easement by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  15. Adjacent Properties:  The immediate area is generally residential in nature, but does contain some municipal and commercial uses. Approximately 200 yards northeast of the subject, across Main Street, is the Acton Public Safety Facility which contains police and fire headquarters. Next to the PSF is a veterinary clinic within a converted residential dwelling. Abutting the subject to the west is Route 2. Abutting to the east along Main Street are residential properties. A portion of the subject property is occupied by Kennedy Landscaping through a lease with the Town. Parcels immediately abutting the subject property are shown on the table on the next page.

Parcel ID

Parcel Address



6 Isaac David Way

Matthew Post


10 Isaac Davis Way

Suman Adiseshu


24 Hayward Road

John McLaughlin


18 Hayward Road

Rustam Niyazov


370 Main Street

Bradley Barber


366 Main Street

Catherine Thissell

348-364 Main 1

348-364 Main Street Master Planning Committee

The Town of Acton acquired the subject site after a developer applied for a site plan special permit for a 20,000 sf commercial day care facility under the Dover Amendment. The proposal was denied by the Acton Board of Selectmen, and after an appeal and litigation, the Town ended up with the land. The purchase price was $1.8m, which included the $1.225m appraisal price and a $600,000 settlement paid to the developer.

The site includes five parcels of land, bisected by a private right-of-way, Isaac Davis Way. Isaac Davis Way does not allow vehicular access to Main Street, but the right-of-way must be maintained for public safety purposes. Two of the five parcels are home to Kennedy Landscaping, which entered into a lease agreement with the Town after acquisition. The houses that once occupied the other lots were razed by the developer who proposed the day care center.

The Town acquired the property in January 2016 after a November 2015 Town Meeting vote to appropriate funds for the purchase. On May 9, 2016, the Acton Board of Selectmen voted to approve a charge to create a 348-364 Main Street Master Plan Special Committee, comprised primarily of representatives from other Town committees. The Committee is charged with considering options for future use of the property and to make written recommendations to the Selectmen.

The Committee began meeting in August 2016. After working with a landscape designer to help visualized the Committee’s ideas for the property, a public forum was held on June 28, 2017 to discuss potential land use options for the site. Five different re-use concepts were presented at the forum. There is a presentation located at that goes into more detail. The concepts presented include:

  • Scenario #1: As-of-right development. Per existing zoning and Acton’s subdivision rules and regulations, there is the potential for seven building lots for single family homes on the property. (Zero votes)
  • Scenario #2: Multi-unit housing and open space. This scenario focused on the development of cottage-style affordable housing, with an emphasis on historic-style architecture, and incorporating historic landscape elements located on the open space.  (10.5 votes)
  • Scenario #3: Townhomes and Marketplace. This scenario showed a small retail/café restaurant as a community amenity (approximately 3,500 sf), townhomes with attached garages, and solar panels for community power. (1 vote)
  • Scenario #4: Boutique “Historic” Inn and Restaurant with gardens. This concept shows a 20-30 room inn with a restaurant and event barn for functions and weddings to create a unique destination. (15 votes plus 7 split votes)
  • Scenario #5: Optimize the Existing Land Use.  This scenario retains the existing retail nursery/garden center and adds a market and café, and incorporates a spray pool for recreation and a kiosk highlighting the history story of Acton. (11 votes plus 7 split votes)

Approximately 40 people attended the public forum and all were asked to vote for their preferred scenarios.  Scenario #4 (boutique inn/restaurant) received the most votes, followed scenario #5 (enhance existing land use).

Project Goals

In making the Property available for potential purchase and redevelopment, the Town of Acton seeks to achieve the following key goals:

1)     Thoughtful reuse (provides something the community wants/needs)
2)     Feasibility (not just an idea, but an implementable idea)
3)     Environmental concerns (SITES initiative)
4)     Sustainability (fiscal, environmental, social)
5)     Neighborhood concerns (traffic impacts)
6)     Acts as a gateway to historic Acton Center

Submittal Instructions, Site Tour

Submit one original signed statement of interest and a digital copy in either Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or Microsoft Word (.doc) format and submitted to:

John Mangiaratti
Town Manager
472 Main Street
Acton, MA 01720
Phone: 978-929-6611

Pre-submittal site tours will be held on Monday, October 15 at 3pm and Thursday, October 18 at 9am. Site tours will be limited to 10 participants at a time and participants are required to register in advance by contacting Matthew “Selby” at 978-929-6440 or .

The committee will schedule additional site tours in the event more than 20 participants register. Upon arrival at the property, all attendees must sign in with Town staff and provide a business card with contact information. Attendees will have the opportunity to tour the property, ask clarifying questions, and meet each other.

The Town may offer oral comments or responses to questions asked at the site tour, but such comments or responses will not modify the terms of the RFI. In the event the Town determines that formal clarification or modification to the RFI is warranted, the Town will issue a written Addendum to this RFI.

Participants are encouraged to bring a copy of this RFI to the site tour. Questions about any matter contained in this RFI should be emailed to no later than ten (10) business days prior to the deadline of this RFI.

All material changes or clarification of any matter contained in this RFI will be published in the form of a written addendum at this location on the Town website:

Submittal Requirements

Statements of Interest should, at a minimum, provide the following information:

  • Cover letter
  • Contact information for the development team
  • Team capability and experience, including a statement of developer qualifications and financial capability
  • Preliminary concept program and conceptual site plan
  • Description of how this project addresses the Project Goals listed above
  • Proposed development schedule including key milestones
  • Description of financial feasibility and description of any proposed terms of public investment


In evaluating responses, the Town will consider how the proposed project advances the Project Goals described in this RFI. The Town may request additional information and conduct interviews with responders as part of the evaluation process. This RFI may lead to one of the following outcomes:

  • The issuance of an RFQ or RFP open to all potential development teams.
  • Cancellation of this RFI without the issuance of a RFQ or RFP.


The RFI process is being undertaken to gauge the interest of developers and other interested parties in the redevelopment and reuse of the 348-364 Main Street property. However, no award will be made at the conclusion of this process and no proponent will be given priority or advantage with respect to the final disposition of the site. All proposals will be reviewed for the purpose of determining how best to develop a RFP for the site disposition, which RFP will be issued in accordance with the requirements of M.G.L. 30B, sec. 16 and shall be open to all proposers in accordance with the requirements of the RFP and applicable law.

Additional Information Sources

348-364 Main Street Master Planning Special Committee web page:

Public Forum Presentation:

Acton Geographic Information System (GIS) Map Viewer:

Acton Zoning Bylaw:



348-364 Main 2

Publication Date/Time:
10/3/2018 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
11/2/2018 11:59 PM
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